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Our Achievements


OuOur Organization “Rekha the Diva” is so glad to announce that on coming 10th Oct. 2019 we will see Our Website’s successful completion of 13th year.

We would like to give a Special thanks to all Media & press for their supports, motivates and helps us to achieving our goals like  News 24x7, Aaj Tak, E-24, IBN7, CNEB ,Focus Tv, VK News ,P7, 107.2 Radio Nasha, 92.7 BIG FM, Hindustan Times, Navbharat Times, Punjab Kesri,Amar Ujala ,Dainik Jagran, Fashion Magazine Lafiesta, Bollywood Magazine Satrangi Sansaar etc. for praised and recognized our hard work & efforts every year.

For more details log on http://www.rekhathediva.com/mediapress.html