Jayesh Sheth

Celebrity & Fashion Photographer

Jayesh Sheth is a renowned glamour photographer of Bollywood and his incredible Photography ruled the hearts of the glamour industry for more than two decades.

He is well known for making stars. He is one of the famous Ace lenceman of Bollywood who turned director now. He is the finest photographer of Cine Industry and associated with some of the Best pictures of the film stars ever shot like Rekha, Akshay,John Abraham, Madhuri Shilpa Shetty, Hrithik Roshan etc, even Hollywood top Actor Richard Gere selected him to do his portraits and appreciated his talent and The one and only Legendary Rekha had in fact honored him by thanking him for her image and the classic portraits that they had worked together.

In 2011 Jayesh Sheth was honored with the Lifetime " Dadasaheb Phalke Award" for his contribution to Indian Cinema.



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About Rekha:-

Oh! Rekha, she is a Diva!! She is very photogenic. Nothing to beat her. Right from early eighties. She used to experiment with her looks. She used to do her own makeup, hairdo, styling and it was like she is a ready made model in front of you, a multifaceted artist. She never needed to expose but still fully clothes she would be able to generate the kind of sensuality which is so rare in today's time. Shooting with her has been a constant learning process for me. You can say that I have been able to excel in my art with little touches was all because of working with Rekha, observing her and learning all the time.

I always told Rekhaji that industry has not justified you since you have so much of variations in terms of looks and expressions. I visualize her as a 16 yr old girl to a 60 yr old woman, thus maintaining her grace and beauty. This is because since the time I began learning photography, I used to study her pictures because of her looks, her command, and her dressing sense, which is amazing.

Rekha is the first one who had started the personalized theme based photo shoot fad in Bollywood. The camera loves her and she loves the camera. She is completely in love with her beauty and is proud ...

She is the only one that I have worked with continuously for 12 years.There was not a single month when we didn't shoot. The maximum numbers of pictures in her collection are mine. At last I would like to say that "Rekha ji" is my Inspiration.

About Our Organization:-

Dear Rishabh,Rekha is my Inspiration and she is the Forever Diva of Indian Cinema. I loved this website & the concept-The Journey of a Woman- Rekha.

It's Ultimate and Creative work done by you and your team. I visit it thoroughly and found you beautifully captured Mysterious Persona of celluloid Queen and there is nothing like this endless Magic called Rekha the Diva.

Really you have done a Great job. I want to Congratulate & wish you and the Organization Rekha the Diva for a Great luck and achieve a Great success.