Rauf Ahmed

A Well Known Journalist

Rauf Ahmed had been with The Times of India, The Indian Express and Zee Telefilms. He was editor of magazines like Super, Filmfare, Movie, Screen and Zee Premiere.

He has known Rekha for a long time and has written extensively about her

About Rekha:-

How does one slot Rekha? She is one of a kind, who has consistently defied definition! Its impossible to relate her to a stereotypical profile.

Rekha's greatest asset has been her yen for challenges. They called her crass in the beginning. Too plump and whatever to make it in a milieu dominated by the likes of Hema Malini and Zeenat Aman. She just giggled, said nothing. By the end of the 70s she had risen to be the ultimate style icon for a whole generation of young women. They adored her. And she commanded a fee more than the Number One heroine of the time!

Rekhas metamorphosis is the stuff miracles are made of. As a topnotch glamour photographer once told me, She knows everything there is to know about camera angles, colors, lights and compositions. She would insist on him placing a huge mirror behind him so that she could keep abreast of the compositions in relation to what is already filed in her mind. She never gets photographed before 2 pm. Because when you wake up in the morning your face tends to be a bit puffy. It takes some time to settle down to normalcy, till bout 12 noon.

About Our Organization:-

You Guys did a remarkable job and give a platform to all Rekha fan around the World. I have seen your website and like it where your pour your love towards the Diva.Many many Congratulation to your Team for this wonderful Creation. Have a Successful Journey ahead.