Vickky Idnaani

Celebrity & Fashion Photographer

Career by shooting frames of Madhuri Dixit for MF Hussain film Gaja Gamini (2000)

First exhibition featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.

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About Rekha:-

Over the years I have developed several theories about who Rekhaji is to me and how I came to be so fortunate as to have her in my life. My Friend. My Confidante. My Mentor. My Muse.

But none of these do justice to her.After all these years I have finally determined that Rekhaji is God's answer to my prayers, to dot the I and cross the ts of what has been written for me. She has been there for me at times when I needed her most whether that meant some much needed counsel, or simply a quote I read, everything she says and does hits me like lightning, and like lightning, it never strikes in the same place twice. One such bolt was when I read her answer when asked her opinion about the fragile infrastructure of Mumbai. She simply replied that we could not love our mother any less if she has an additional wrinkle, and the same applies to our home, Mumbai too. Her answer reverberates in my heart to this day because of the simplicity and sincerity of the thought.

One time I fondly reminisce about is the inauguration of my studio Kkosh (named after my mother Kkoshalya) in 2009, which Rekhaji kindly graced. Having her cut the ribbon to my creative sanctuary was something I had only dreamed about until then. Although what I had not dreamed about was Rekhaji holding my mother's hand for the ribbon-cutting. The joy I experienced at watching my studio being inaugurated by these two women the diva of my dreams, and my mother who is responsible for the man I am today, remains unmatched to date.

Every conversation I have had with her is a new book waiting to be written, a new ballad waiting to be sung, a new spell waiting to be cast. I remember another one of her quotes, which stayed with me A woman should be seen by the luminosity of her grace and not heard shooting her mouth away about praising herself which is so not lady like,because it reminds me of Rekhaji herself. The epitome of femininity, elegance, and class. My friend. My Confidante. My Mentor. My Muse (perhaps in front of my camera soon?) And of course God's answer to my prayers.

About Our Organization:-

This Piece would be incomplete without a Special mention of Rishabh...His persistence in bringing every one remotely associated with the Diva to write a few words is awe inspiring! He's well brought up and it shows in his consistent but dignified way of approaching people.

Rekha the Diva is the labor of Love of a true fan with large loving Heart for his on Screen Goddess!