Aishwarya Rai

The first time I almost saw a film star was Rekha. Our school used to take us to Otter's club for swimming lessons. Once we were going there in our school bus when the girls saw Rekha entering a bungalow. Later we learnt that she was shooting for Jhooti. The girls called out to her and according to them, Rekha waved back.

I was so disappointed that day because I didn't see her. And Rekha was my favourite actress at that time! The first time I met Rekha was both memorable and touching. I was already a model but not that famous. One evening my mom and I were walking back home after a visit to a dentist.

As we were reaching home, mom wanted to buy some groceries from the nearby shop and I tagged along. Just as I was deciding whether to buy biscuits for myself, someone tapped me on the back and said "Ash?" I turned and it took me quite some time to register that the person who'd tapped me was THE Rekha! She was looking very simple in a white salwar kameez and had no makeup on except for a touch of pink lipstick. She held out her hand and said "I'm Rekha." She complimented me on my looks and then with an "all the best" left as quietly as she came.

I was really dazed and touched because there was really no need for her to do it. It would have been different if we had met in some studio. But for her to stop her car, come after me and say something nice was amazing. It was great.




Hema Malini

Rekha is very good friend of mine. We have always been there for each other during the good and bad phases of our lives.”

We have never competed with each other. We both share a good rapport as we both are from South India. Just like my mother, her mother was very keen to bring her in cinema. Her mother came to me first when they landed in Mumbai. Her mother and my mother share same birth date. Even today she calls up to chat. We have very sweet bonding.



Simi Garewal

Rekha is a friend. She had watched each and every Rendezvous and told me how much she loved them. For several years I invited her to have a rendezvous with me, she would always reply "I don’t have the self confidence” The time came for my 100th Rendezvous episode. I wanted a Special guest for this landmark show, so I asked her once again. This time she agreed. And it really was “Special”

I’ve known Rekha for a long time. I find her very absorbing-and entertaining too. She is a great mimic.We have endless phone talks- always about four hours! And each time she surprises me with new facets in her to love. Rekha is immensely wise and astute. Acutely observant. Has an elephantine memory. She is also the least self-obsessed star I know; someone who never harbours a mean thought or word. Rekha loves generously.

In my rendezvous- I took her back in her journey from Bhanurekha, the child; through her stormy adolelescence, her stardom, her loves… marriages covering, in fact, Rekha’s entire evolution.

It’s a panoramic canvas of one of the most legendary stars of our time-and also-an intimate portrait of a woman.






Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Rekha had always been a source of inspiration. According to me, she is the perfect Bollywood diva. There’s such a mystique surrounding her. We’ve constantly been in touch to discuss many things,”

Our friendship has gone beyond sharing beauty tips to another level of sharing confidences and philosophies of life. After my spa opening, Rekha sent a letter to me that stating Shilpa was doing everything that she (Rekha) always wanted to do. “It was one of the most heartwarming moments of my life. The two of us are now very close.





Vidhya Balan

I admire Rekha ji a lot. She epitomizes the quintessential Indian woman who is vulnerable, desirable, strong, sensuous and so much more. Beyond the obvious South Indian connection of the Kanjeevaram and open hair, to be likened to someone like her, who epitomizes the quintessential Indian woman, is humbling.” I wants to be remembered like her and like Rekhaji I would like to lead life on my own terms and be remembered forever. But I am not so sure how many from today’s brigade will be remembered for so long.”

I still remember When dada (Pardeep Sarkar)told me that he would introduce me to Rekha I refused. She is an enigma and I did not want to break that spell. When we finally met she said some very nice things to me which for a person of her stature is not really necessary. She’s unbelievably gorgeous and though skeptical about doing the song, breathed life into the lines ‘Kaisi paheli zindagi...’


“This is the biggest compliment. I am inspired by Rekha. She is who she is and I have always admired her. When she was doing films, she was doing commercial as well as non-commercial. Also, she has been an inspiration even in the terms of style.”

‘I loved her styling and I love to wear saris. I love kanjeevaram saris. The image that I have of true Indian women comes from Rekhaji and my mother and I think both are the perfect images of Indian women. So, if people say I am like Rekha, then I am thrilled.”

"I want to do something where there is lots of drama as our lives are dramatic. May be do something like 'Arth', 'Silsila' kind of film, something on extra marital affair as wherever we go we get to hear about it,"






Kangana Ranaut

"I play a Maharashtrian girl in the film Shootout at Wadala , a real-life gangster Manya Surve's girlfriend in the thriller, and since it's set in the '70s and early '80s, I wanted to keep my style as authentic as possible.

"When I think of fashion, Rekha is one person who clearly appears in my mind. She was so outrageous for that time and she is my Style Inspiration.

"Since my character in the latter half is that of a 30-year-old woman, I need to be very sexy. So director Sanjay Gupta gave me references of these actors because they were considered to be the hottest."





Anchal Dwivedi

"I play Rekhaji's youngest daughter Gargi in “ Super nani”. I had one of the best scenes with her that I could ever get in my life. I am a rebel and my job is to torture Rekha ji.  

 It was a great experience of shooting with the legends, “The first day I was nervous like hell. The air-conditioning was blasting at the sets, but still I was sweating. So Rekhaji sat me down, had a one to one and calmed me down. Despite being a superstar, it is unimaginable how down-to-earth and soft-spoken she is.





Neha Dhupia

These days I am busy in my next film ‘I’m 24’ in which I am doing a cabaret and was decked up in jewels from head to toe. This made the people out there compare me with the gorgeous Rekha ji who had played a Cabaret in her blockbuster movie. ‘Parineeta’.

“Rekhaji is simply a wonderful actress. Her beauty, her elegance is so admirable both on the screen and off it. However, I have given my best to the song and I hope everybody loves it.”





Mugdha Godse

I admire her and she is the one actress I look up to. I love her unforgettable films like ‘Khoobsurat’. She’s a living legend. I wish her many more happy birthdays and wish to see her more often on the silver screen.”





Sonam Kapoor


Apart from my Papa who’s my “mentor, philosopher and guide” my life influenced by Rekha.Her enduring “aura” and magnificent screen presence fascinates me a lot.




Katrina Kaif


Rekha is the Most Beautiful Woman in this World .




Koena Mitra

Rekha is a flamboyant personality and has a lot of mystery around her. There are so many things I would love to know about her.”




Gul Panag

Rekha is a very good actress… I enjoy seeing her movies. She is very humane and caring. I wish her blessings and good wishes for her Life.





Gauhar Khan

“Rekha has so much dignity around her and she is presentable on all occasions. In all her movies she has portrayed all her characters with so much depth.”

I also loves the way Rekha dresses up. “As a kid also I would wait up to watch the award ceremonies as I was always curious to know what Rekha would turn up in. The way she’s going, it seems Gauhar has big adieu to ramp! “I have always been a super fan of Rekha and loved her sense of fashion, makeup and acting acumen! I always wanted to do good films and carve a distinct presence like her.






Chitrangada Singh

 Right from my childhood I have been a great fan of Glamour’s Rekha. I used to idolize her and after her terrific performance in Khoon Bhari Maang, I wanted to be every bit of her. But my all-time favourite was her glamorous look in Umrao Jaan,”

Recently I had my fan-girl moment. I  couldn’t control my excitement as I came face to face with Real Diva, Rekha in Filmfare Award night, She sidled up to me and I asked whether she could click a picture with me. Rekha obliged and my day was made .

"There are many people who I consider as icons in the film industry. I think Rekhaji is one of the best actresses. I also liked all the films that Rekhaji did. She portrayed her roles beautifully on screen.







Udita Goswami

I always dreamed of playing the role of Umrao Jaan, which was played by veteran actress Rekha in the 1980's blockbuster. But now that the movie has been remade with top Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai in the lead and proved to be a flop she has given up all hopes of ever getting to do that role.


"I always wanted to do that role. I was so taken in by the dignity and sensuality of Rekha that it became my dream role."Apart from different roles, the actress has been doing her own stunts of late.








Sonia Mehra

We are very fond to each other. Rekha Ji is my God Mother .I don’t get to meet her very often these days so it was Nice to meet heart the Awards.My father (Vinod Mehra)and Rekhaji were just Close Friends. & After my Father’s Death.


Rekha ji is there for my Mother (Kiran Mehra) my Brother Rohan and me.Rekhaji is always looking out for me. She is like my Second Mum and She is always there for me .She is my Idol.






Noureen Dewulf

I love Bollywood. I grew up watching Bollywood films like ‘Sita Aur Geeta, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Coolie and so many. There is a lot of talent there and if an opportunity is there and presented in a right format, I’d love to do a Bollywood film,”


It my great wish that I share screen space with ageless beauty Rekha. “I’d love to work with Rekha. I like her. She is so beautiful and she is a great actress. I love (her) ‘Silsila’ a lot… I’ve watched it so many times.








Maillka Sherawat

I was so nervous when I signed the movie Bachke Rehna Re Baba.
I was absolutely nervous and felt overshadowed by Rekha's personality. But Rekha turned out to be a cool lady and made me feel comfortable .




Rakhi Sawant

There is no one in the industry to compare with Rekhaji as a beauty and as a performer… she is so good. For me, she is the perfect style icon.

‘Jitna chamak unke face par hai, kisi ke chehre par nahin’ .

“She has a perfect nose, pretty eyes and the best part is that she does her make-up on her own. She is in perfect shape. I just love her and adore her. I think she should have a wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s. I wish her a very Happy Birthday.




Miss World Manasvi


Right Now I am preparing for Miss World and is determined to get the crown."Bollywood can wait. Of course, it is a great opportunity. We have just won and the feeling is yet to unfold.

My dream role in Bollywood would be Rekha's 'Umrao Jaan'.







Priya Anand


In the 58th South filmfare Awards I was sitting very close to her and staring at her in awe throughout the event .


Really "Rekha ji steals the show!!!! I am in total awe...." I am very a big fan of Rekhaji , and I was so happy to see her in the same event. I am so excited and have no words to express my joy and excitement.




Hansika Motwani

I am a very huge fan of Rekha ji. First time I was appeared as a child artist with Rekhaji in the Hrithik and Preity Zinta starrer 'Koi Mil Gaya' and In the recently held Filmfare Awards Function we had a good chat rewinding to our past time together while filming 'Koi Mil Gaya'.

Really Rekha ji is an inspiration for everyone.





TV Star Ekta Tiwari


Right now I am doing Tere Mere Sapne, where I plays Radha and Sonia. "I am enjoying my roles because Radha is a typical village girl and on the other hand, Sonia is someone who wears trendy clothes.

I consider myself lucky to get such an opportunity to showcase different shades of human nature," and my inspiration is Rekha.The way she played her character in Khoon Bhari Maang and another one in Biwi Ho Toh Aisi. My serial's storyline has a similarity to these films. Moreover, Rekha is my all-time favorite actress. I wish to meet her one day,"






Rakshanda Khan

In a mythological show Devon Mein Dev Mahadev. I will play Madinika a dance teacher. Apparently, my styling is as glamorous as Re's Utsav look. "Like Rekhaji, I too will be wearing heavy jewellery, bangles, anklets, head and wrist bands and flowers."

I am a thorough admirer of Rekhaji. She's an immensely powerful actress. Given a choice, I would love to play her character from Umrao Jaan."