Bhanu Athaiya


Rekha is the most beautiful and Talented Actress of Indian Cinema. I have worked for her in so many films. She is very particular.

I remember She design her own Jewellery in Mr. Natwar Lal because of her "impeccable Flair" and and extraordinary talent for working on her own clothes and look


Leena Daru

It was 1980, I met Rekha at Neetu Singh's home. As a designer, Ram Balram was the first film which I did for Rekha. After it we did Khoobsurat ,for which she appreciated for her looks. From the success of Khoobsurat we got closed to each other and popular too.

Then we did Umrao Jaan, Utsav, Silsila,Mr. Natwar lal, Suhaag, Khon bhari Maang and many more. I have designed her clothes more than 25 films

I did my best every time but I remember for Silsila Yash ji wanted to give Rekha a very dreamy and soft feel, so I designed her clothes in pastel color in chiffon ,used lace and long kurtas. We then coordinated Amitabh's clothes with her's

Yash Chopra Silsila was in news not only for its story , but also for the way Rekha was portrayed in it. The epitome of love, grace and sophistication, she played the role of the other woman with finesse. The white saree in the face-off scene in the film became very popular besides the pastel chiffon sarees, teamed with sleeveless silk cholis created by me.

Apart from it Rekha's sensuous flowing dupattas and Magyar sleeved blouse and chiffon Sarees were also famous.
Muzzfar Ali Umrao Jaan gave Rekha a National Award ,her clothes were no less popular. Thus started a 15 years long relationship between me and Rekha- The Diva of the Film Industry.

At one time I and Rekha were inseparable . People took it granted that I did costumes only for her. What should I say about her. She is so natural, loving and supportive. I never forget the days spend with her. She is a great Actress.






Manish Malhotra


I have been a huge fan of Rekhaji. I have worked with her earlier as well. She is a Diva Who always ready to experiment with her looks.

"Rekha is a living legend. Her metaphoric journey from the time she entered the industry as a teenager to becoming the style diva is so fascinating... it would be wonderful to know about her magnificent journey in her own words,


She always has her glam on point who spills beans on beauty. She is very young in her mind and approach.Film Fitoor is one of my favourite films. She looks incredible and its fun working with her. Doing an important film like Fitoor is incredible.

I love her, I love the fact that even if she is wearing a simple white cotton salwar kameez, she will have a deep burgundy or red lip color. She has made that lip color her own. 



Late Mr.Wendell Rodrics

Rekha is dear friend. She is a sister and we share a common philosophy of Yoga, positivity and our love for the colour white. Keeping all this is mind, I dedicated the collection to her.

Rekha is a fashion icon since the 1970s, I paid a tribute to the "Evergreen Star" through my collection titled "Yoga Calm". It is my homage to an evergreen star on the start of her 60th birthday.

I would have loved if she walked the ramp, but she is shy of walking at an India Fashion Week. Rekha has been a fashion icon since the 1970.





Tarun Tahiliani

The women I admire for their style Gayatri Devi, Laila Tyabji, Elizabeth Taylor, Rekha they have a trademark, understated elegance.

The epitomizing and legendary evergreen and eternal beauty Rekha and her simplicity make her more gorgeous.Rekha is the Bollywood actresses who get their style on point every time.

In film Zubeida, She looking a stylish mix of a Rajwada .





Whenever I meet Rekhaji I do tell her about my plan of launching a series exclusively for her that will stay true to her signature style and the stuff that will suit her taste....and whenever I say "Madam, what can I do for you"....she would smile and then in her husky voice say you are my soul mate Sabyasachi....You dont have to do anything separately for me....nothing for me exclusively......but just continue doing what you love doing and mind you that will answer the purpose. I love your clothes".

When I think of a stylish person in India it could be red lipstick or over the top make-up, glittery red sari. I think nobody can be more stylish than Rekha ji because she wears a similar saree for every award function as she has sense of self-identity which is sadly lacking in many people in the industry She is the most stylish personality in Bollywood.

He believes if a person wants to make an impact with their dressing they need to bring individualism to their sense of style. She has set fashion trends in the industry like the sari pant style favoured by Rekha.

Among all the top actors Nobody can beat her, when it comes to making timeless fashion choices.


I would like veteran cine icon Rekha to be my Show Stopper for a fashion show.





Ritu Beri

Diva Rekha is my favorite celebrity client. Really she is a true style icon.

She is a special woman her lifes story must be fascinating





Suneet Varma

Film Star Rekha is my favourite. She was my First Crush. I proposed to her when I was Sixteen! From my childhood I would make charcoal sketches of

Rekha ji and presented them to her. She is the fashion inspiration for all.




Anamika Khanna

I wouldn't like to change the way she wears her Kanjeevarams with such impeccable grace. But even Rekha could experiment with a more contemporary look!

I would love to drape her tall, swan like figure in a georgette sari, perhaps in ivory and silver, or black and pearl. Maybe an old rose pink saree would look great on her or perhaps even mustard orange.

If you want to look like Rekha, you must be dramatic in your approach to clothes! As for make up, I would like her to go a little easy on her lipstick

Maybe she could try some bronze or pastel shades instead of the ubiquitous red! As for Indo Westerns, I think a well-tailored bandhgala with a matching churidar would look stunning on her. An angarakha would also look gorgeous but then even Rekha needs to come out and play.



Shantanu & Nikhil

Rekha ji is a true style Diva when it comes depicting the Indian look. She looks fabulous in the traditional Indian saris.

I would say that she brings out the best of Indian outfits. She carries them very well. But I wouldn't like to see her in a western outfit.




Esha Amin

The very mention of Rekha conjures up a Goddess-like silhouette glistening in temple jewellery and ornate gold Kanjeevaram saris. Over the years, shes stayed true to her larger-than-life persona and often throws one off-kilter with off-the-wall picks like a turban.

At the very famous photographer Dabboo Ratnani calendar launch, she looked stunning in her artfully-knotted head scarf. Every head piece of hers tells a story and she is shown different ways of wrapping and knotting fabrics into a turban. It is quite epochal to rock sunglasses at night.

Also, she wears a maang tika to an event and it never looks OTT on her. Not everyone can pull it off, but she has the personality to rock it. Be it her red lipstick, her sunglasses or her sindoor, she is created her own style vocabulary.  




Prabal Gurnag

I was introduced to Rekha at my friend's wedding in India a couple of years ago. It felt somewhat surreal because I have been her most ardent fan ever since I watched her films growing up in Nepal and India, which I expressed to her, as calmly as I possibly could. She was in absolute disbelief that a designer from New York would even know about her films, let alone her. Modest or flattered, I wasn't sure, but she was, think, pleasantly surprised and perhaps charmed - as my ego would've liked to believe it.

I felt she wasn't fully convinced how much her existence had affected mine from the time I was growing up till date. How her films, her songs, dances, her out of this world glamorous editorials, her personal story (that we as the public were allowed to consume) - one of grit and perseverance, and especially her transformation - not only was inspirational but was also an escape from my challenging times while growing up in schools in Nepal and India. As a kid who was always ostracised for being "different" in an all boys boarding school and similarly in the patriarchal society of Nepal and India I felt connected to her perhaps because of her courage to be different and do things differently. It deeply resonated with me.

So I tried to express all of this in that brief encounter with less sycophancy and more dee erence. She was moved, I think, yet not fully convinced. So I sang to her "dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaa ve," a line from one of my favourite films of hers, "UmaraoJaan". She looked at me in absolute disbelief, hugged me and graciously said "thank you". I left her there. Elated, emotional and grateful.

A couple of days later, at an another event at the same wedding, she saw me again and waved at me. I went up to her to pay my respect and here is what she said (and I am paraphrasing):

"I was so touched by your words when we met that I went back and did some research on you. You are so talented, your work is absolutely beautiful, I loved it. However, not only is your work beautiful but what you stand for, how you use your voice, what you speak about and for whom, is so inspiring. The work you do through  your foundation is wonderful. But what really resonated with me was the way you describe your woman. The way you describe her in your interviews, with detail, precision, love and respect, it resonated with me so much. It is me, it felt like you were describing me. Every thing that you said, about femininity with a bite, about the art of dressing up, getting ready - that moment of transformation- is truly a moment of self care, it described me all the way. It really did. So thank you".

Now, it was my turn to stare at her in disbelief. I was completely taken aback and so grateful for the time and effort she had put in researching my work, who I was and what I stood for. It's quite rare that moments like these happen. I get celebrated and complimented for the work I have created on the runway and for people's consumption. But it's quite rare that someone sees me beyond my work, deep into my heart and soul, and it resonates with them.

That moment was surreal and beyond, for it felt like a true full circle moment. Here I was, standing in front of an immense creative force who through her work had not only inspired me but had given me the permission and perhaps the courage to dream and manifest a different reality than the one then, telling me she felt seen and connected with me through my own creations, my work... my words.

 I will never forget how I felt in that particular moment - seen, validated, loved, calm, at peace with my past and grateful, immensely grateful. For I felt it was the universe's way of healing me.

It was Mother Earth and her magical way of speaking to me again, the way she always did while growing up, - you are just fine. You are worthy. You are enough. The world will catch up to you. And it felt like in some ways finally the world did.

So, you see that's the power of creativity and art, the creative forces and the artists. Through our work we tell stories and those stories validate people's existence and make people feel seen. Yes, we are story tellers and story tellers are healers.

Happy happy birthday to my forever diva, who truly made me understand the power that lies in being kind to yourself and loving yourself.

It is Bollywood diva Rekha is on top of my wish list. I would love to dress an amazing saree for Rekha.  Dressing for incredible women would be a dream come true. I have always thought Rekha looked so beautiful in her traditional sarees.